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62,000 Barrel Gulf Oil Spill Is Worst Since Deepwater Horizon And 11th Largest In U.S. History

• by Tyler Durden

Offshore production from major oil names like Occidental, W&T Offshore and Talos Energy has been shuttered following a spill that Bloomberg is calling the worst in the US "since the Deepwater Horizon disaster."

These producers took a significant hit on Thursday as they stopped approximately 62,000 barrels of daily oil production due to a subsea pipeline rupture. The rupture resulted in a substantial oil spill of 26,000 barrels, equivalent to the volume of two Olympic-size swimming pools, in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, Bloomberg noted.

f the magnitude of this spill is verified, it would mark the most substantial incident of its kind since 2010, when BP PLC's Deepwater Horizon rig catastrophe led to the release of 3.2 million barrels of oil off the coast of Louisiana.