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History Made As Irish Citizens Riot While Completely Sober


"This is truly unprecedented," said Professor Blake Rumsey, sociologist and lead historian at the Institute of Knowledge. "Throughout recorded history, we've never seen this type of Irish upheaval in the absence of copious amounts of beer, whiskey, and Bailey's Irish Cream. It is both surprising and impressive to see Irish citizens proving their collective ability to stage a riot while not the least bit intoxicated."

Irish citizens in Dublin began to violently protest the nation's unfettered immigration policies after a migrant injured multiple children last week, shocking authorities with both the riot itself and their sobriety. "We surein' were not expectin' a wild band o' sober hooligans," said Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Dublin Police spokesman. "We're used t'dealin' with a rowdy bunch o' drunken rabble-rousers, but this was very different. Turns out rioters are much more dangerous when they aren't properly hammered."