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What Just Happened?

• Zero Hedge

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

"All these idiots whose 'identity' is literally a 'protected class' are not protesting anything. Their whole victim act is sponsored, enabled & signal boosted by every powerful institution. The entire elaborate charade amounts to power petitioning itself."

- Aimee Terese on X

If you haven't discerned this yet, the Party of Chaos — Globalism's "fifth column" in America — lost ground badly in early December even as the country supposedly enters its annual Christmastime coma. You know what a fifth column is? I will explain: it is a subversive enemy force operating inside a nation to sabotage its interests. The Party of Chaos, of course, is the party of "Joe Biden" the fictitious "president" euchered in plain sight to that position via flagrant chicanery in the 2020 Super Tuesday primary and then the free-for-all fraud-o-rama of the general election that year.