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Here's Why Tearing Down Satanic Statues Is Perfectly Acceptable In Our "Constitutional Soci

•, By Brandon Smith

In other words, if a nation has a certain historic regard for freedom, they will try to destroy that nation while under the protection of those freedoms. If you point out what they're doing and try to stop them, they then argue that you are "violating your own principles," the same principles which they are trying to tear down.

It's a form of psychological warfare designed to create a Catch-22: If the target population sits back and does nothing in the face of the cultural onslaught, their heritage and their beliefs are systematically dismantled. If people take action to disrupt the saboteurs, they are accused of being hypocrites who don't actually value the freedoms they claim to value.

However, this little mind game relies on a certain false relationship. It requires that the population under attack continues to see the saboteurs as integral members of that society with the same freedoms and the same protections. They are Americans just like us, and therefore we have to treat them merely as citizens in disagreement even though they would like nothing better than to see our culture burn.

Globalists and woke leftists often openly boast about their agenda to deconstruct western society and replace it with their own ideological cult. They are not simply in disagreement, they have declared war.

They've been treating conservatives and patriots as the enemy for quite some time, while we continue to treat them as fellow citizens. They tried to erase all of our freedoms permanently during the covid panic (which they perpetuated through false information). They tried to create a government apparatus working with social media corporations for mass censorship. They tried to create punishments for people who spoke against the establishment narrative. They supported vaccine mandates that would have enslaved Americans for years to come. They almost got what they wanted, too.