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Apocalypse Now: The Government's Use of Controlled Chaos to Maintain Power

• John & Nisha Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute

Figure One: Just stop a few of their machines and radios and telephones and lawn mowers...throw them into darkness for a few hours and then you just sit back and watch the pattern. 

Figure Two: And this pattern is always the same? 

Figure One: With few variations. They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find...and it's themselves. And all we need do is sit back...and watch…and let them destroy themselves. — "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street," Twilight Zone

Will 2024 be the year the Deep State's exercise in controlled chaos finally gives way to an apocalyptic dismantling of our constitutional republic, or what's left of it?

All the signs seem to point in this direction.

For years now, the government has been pushing us to the brink of a national nervous breakdown.

This breakdown—triggered by polarizing circus politics, media-fed mass hysteria, militarization and militainment (the selling of war and violence as entertainment), a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of growing corruption, the government's alienation from its populace, and an economy that has much of the population struggling to get by—has manifested itself in the polarized, manipulated mayhem, madness and tyranny that is life in the American police state today.

Why is the Deep State engineering this societal madness? What's in it for the government?

What is playing out before us is a chilling lesson in social engineering that keeps the populace fixated on circus politics and conveniently timed spectacles, distracted from focusing too closely on the government's power grabs, and incapable of standing united in defense of our freedoms.

It's not conspiratorial.

It's a power play.