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The Mossad, The CIA, and the Trafficking Industry Blackmail Book

•, By Helena Glass

And Ukraine is not a member of the EU so Russia's actions have net zero effect on the EU – unless they decide to announce footsies on the ground… Except they can't because they have no arsenol, no viable troops, and Germany's tanks have hit the wall in Ukraine, as in – they are no longer operational because Ukrainian's don't know how to maintain them.

Once again, the parlay comes from the EU Leaders, leaders who do NOT represent The People.   Leaders who have botched their economies.   Leaders who lead into an abyss of toxic jabs, death, and failure.   Accordingly, Ukraine fatigue is to blame.

WORLD BANK:   "Ukraine's economy is likely to grow by 3.5% in 2023 after contracting by almost 30% in 2022, thanks to ongoing donor support, more stable electricity supply, increased government spending, a better harvest, and the rerouting of some exports through the country's western borders."

Ukraine's budget for 2023 was $42 billion in hopeful revenues – on spending of $82 billion…  with the expectation that nice people would pick up the deficit.  Americans giving $122 billion.  90% of Ukrainians are on social payments.  So what is the 'revenue source'?  Debt.   Ukraine is sitting on over $148 billion in government debt.   The debt structure began in 2008 during the global recession and intensified after the 2014 coup that set Ukraine down the Wonderland spiral.

The cost to rebuild Ukraine now stands at a precipice of $500 billion to $1 trillion.   And the Zelenskyy entertainers are not too keen to ante up.   Seems they decided Argentina was a better risk for takeover.   Given it is still viable – as opposed to rubble.  Soros is peeved and on his deathbed – he alone kept Ukraine alive via American wallets.