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Hunter Biden WALKS OUT of Congress after stunning Republicans by showing up to hearing...


Hunter Biden sparked utter chaos in Congress on Wednesday and was accused of a 'ridiculous PR stunt' by making a shock appearance to face Republicans threatening to hold him in contempt

The president's troubled son, 53, staged the spectacular stunt and sat and listened as GOP Rep. Nancy Mace said he 'had no b***s' and 'should be in jail' for refusing to sit for a deposition behind closed doors.

About 17 minutes later he got up and walked out as Marjorie Taylor Greene started to question him over his business deals and the ongoing impeachment probe into his father Joe.

He was hit with a flurry of questions by reporters after he stormed out - including being asked 'what kind' of crack he smokes and why he put his father Joe on speakerphone over 20 times to speak with his business pals

He was also asked whether he was on crack while he crashed the GOP hearing.

'What kind of crack do you normally smoke Mr. Biden?' screamed one reporter - which he ignored - as his attorney Abbe Lowell delivered a short statement slamming Republicans and maintaining that Hunter is willing to testify publicly.

'What's your favorite kind of crack?' another reporter questioned. 

Hunter caused a circus as cameras and reporters swarmed him for the very brief appearance amid the scandal over his shady foreign business deals.

Last week it was revealed Hunter is filming a top-secret documentary to set the record straight about his battle with addiction to crack cocaine and his financial woes.

Republicans started ripping Hunter for the 'made-for-TV publicity stunt.'