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Archbishop Vigano: The Swiss Guards should arrest the Pope and expel him from the Vatican

• LifeSiteNews

Archbishop Vigano is one of the most vociferous critics of Francis, having openly leveled derogatory criticism of him over his socialist and collectivist advocacy, his rejections of central tenets to the faith and failure to reject various "perversions" formerly considered deadly to the soul and reputation of the church. Vigano has recognized Francis' embracing of the enslavery of mankind via the 'New World Order', and declared it to the world.

And now, with Francis embracing again yet another "pervert" priest known for his heretical pornographic writings, Archbishop Vigano has now come out to declare that "The Swiss Guards have sworn to defend the See of Peter, not the one who is systematically demolishing it. Let them therefore be faithful to their oath and arrest these heretical perverts! The blasphemous sewer regurgitations of Tucho's repulsive pamphlet show such a level of perversion and alienation to the Faith as to demand the expulsion manu militari of the Argentinean and his accomplices."

There is no known previously established precedent that the Swiss Guards may take such action, and it would seem that the matter is open to interpretation by they themselves and how they regard their oath. Do they regard their oath as to the office of the Pope, as Archbishop Vigano claims, or to the current occupier personally? Would any leadership within the Guards even consider the question? This remains unknown.

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