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Shocking Revelations Expose George Soros' Attempts to Topple Governments, Push Political Interes

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By Emily Thompson

A shocking set of videos published on X (formerly Twitter) recently shows interviews with executives and directors at Action for Democracy. AFD is an NGO promoting progressive values globally, and specifically in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other European nations.

Some of the videos describe how the organization and similar ones are funded by the eponymous George Soros.

Soros, a Hungarian-American billionaire who funds activist groups around the world, is the main funder behind AFD – this was revealed although AFD publicly denies any connection to George Soros. AFD raises funds predominantly from Soros using the 501(c)4 status to conceal his affiliation and funding of the organization.

AFD calls itself a "global network of concerned citizens who want to empower those who fight for freedom and democracy."