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REPORT: Biden Regime Launching Scheme to 'Effectively' Disrupt Private Gun Sales...

• By Cullen Linebarger

Whistleblowers within the ATF have alleged the Biden regime is launching a scheme to enact an effective ban on private gun sales before the 2024 Presidential election. If successful, this would be among the most significant assaults on the 2nd Amendment in American history.

According to Empower Oversight President Tristan Leavitt, the ATF, at the behest of the Biden White House, has drafted a 1,300-page document justifying a rule that would "effectively" ban the sale of all private firearms.

Back on March 14, 2023, Joe Biden issued an executive order in order to "clarify the definition of who is engaged in the business of dealing in firearms, and thus required to become Federal firearms licensees (FFLs), in order to increase compliance with the Federal background check requirement for firearm sales." The purpose was to move America as close as possible to universal background checks without new legislation.

The Federalist notes the rule would accomplish this effective ban on private gun sales simply by mandating background checks on all personal firearm exchanges. The person tasked with this grave assault on the 2nd Amendment is Senior Policy Counsel Eric Epstein, who worked as the Phoenix Field Office's Division Counsel during Operation Wide Received (a precursor of Operation Fast and Furious).