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Russia Calls Urgent UN Security Council Meeting To Condemn 'Illegal' US Strikes

•, by Tyler Durden

Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Saturday of the American operation which killed some 40 people, including civilians, that it "once again demonstrated to the world the aggressive nature of US policy in the Middle East and Washington's complete disregard for international law."

According to TASS, "A UN Security Council meeting in connection with the US strikes is scheduled for February 5"; however, the UN has yet to confirm or publish details of the upcoming emergency session. 

Additionally Moscow's ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said: "We just demanded an urgent sitting of the UN Security Council over the threat to peace and safety created by US strikes on Syria and Iraq."

The Pentagon said it struck over 85 targets in Iraq and Syria, and there are likely more bombing waves to come in the next days. 

In fresh Saturday remarks, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said "This is the start of our response." Some unnamed US officials have even said the operation could continue for days or even weeks, in response to the Sunday drone attack on the Jordanian border base which killed three Americans.

While Russia has over several years repeatedly condemned US operations over Syria, and especially the troop occupation in the northeast, it has never responded with an anti-air intercept, or at least this has never been publicly disclosed. 

But this remains a possibility so long as major US aerial operations continue. Russian jets and convoy patrols are present especially in Syria's northwest, but have also been known to stretch near Deir Ezzor, the other side of which the Pentagon has a presence.

Moscow says that the US is there illegally, while Russian military intervention was invited in by the Assad government, to stave off externally-sponsored jihadist and terror attacks on the Syrian population.