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From Censorship To Criminalizing Dissent

•, by Jeffrey Tucker

A major battle is brewing throughout the Western world over the basic principle of free speech. Is it going to be protected by law? It's not entirely clear what the outcome will be. We seem to be on the precipice of a potential calamity if the courts don't decide the right way. Even if we squeak out a victory, the question is already in play. Our free speech rights have never been more fragile.

Turn your attention to France right now. In the dead of night, a new law slipped through the General Assembly that would make it a crime to criticize mRNA shots. Critics call it the Pfizer law. It calls for fines up to 45,000 euros and possibly three years in prison for debunking an approved medical treatment.

Like all Western nations, criticism of the mRNA platform has already been subjected to vast social-media censorship. Even given this, there has been a major and global consumer turn against these shots. People are not convinced that they are necessary, safe, or effective. Still, government imposed mandates for everyone, billions of people worldwide. This was a form of conscription that has driven a deep divide between the rulers and the ruled.

Rather than back down, however, governments, which have been captured by pharmaceutical interests, are going to bat for the companies and the technology to threaten imprisonment of anyone who speaks out openly against them.

Here is where censorship becomes severely weaponized. It's the next logical step. First you deploy every power to keep the distribution channels of information free of dissent. When that doesn't entirely work, simply because people find alternative means of getting the word out, you have to intensify matters and institute outright controls.

It stands to reason that this would happen. After all, the whole point of censorship is to curate the public mind to put down opposition to regime priorities. When mainstream corporate media is falling apart and new media is rising, the next stage is to go the full way to flat-out criminalize opinion, like any totalitarian government.

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