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James Corbett - our man in Japan

• Magzter

What woke you up, and how and when did you get begin to dive into the truth?

In 2006, I was just coming back online, so I watched documentaries - history, politics, etc. it was still 'the wild west' of the internet, so the 'suggested section' would have these conspiracy theory videos, and I'd watch them initially for a lark.

But once I'd started looking these claims up for myself - Operation Northwoods, for example - there's the actual document I can read for myself, I started falling down the proverbial rabbit-hole. From there, 9/11 truth was the first thing that really grabbed me, and as the ball rolled downhill, I realised we'd been lied to about everything. I'd never planned to be involved in media production. I started a podcast - the original idea was one half-hour show every week. But then I realised I had to start interviewing people, then writing articles, then I've got to do videos, and here we are.

How did the famous 5-minute 9/11 summary come about?

I had the opening lines of that kicking round in my head for a few weeks. I knew I had to do something for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and I thought it was kind of funny if you say it really quickly. On the actual day in 2011, I wrote the script and recorded it and intentionally made it look like this poorlyedited conspiracy theory video, so it really didn't take long to put together.