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Maine residents in uproar over $13million 'Taj Mahal' migrant housing complex where asylum..


Residents of a Maine town have hit out at the $13million construction of a complex of 60 apartments for asylum seekers, where they can live rent free for two years then pay a fraction of the rental price. 

Locals in Brunswick have expressed fury over the project, which is being funded by a mix of private and public money and which has been heavily criticized by Donald Trump Jr. 

The apartment complex in Brunswick is one of the many projects being launched by the town in what critics have labeled a 'Taj Mahal', red-carpet welcome for asylum seekers.  

There are currently 180 apartments in the Brunswick Landing complex available for anyone to rent. A one bedroom unit costs $1,800 a month, while a two-bedroom costs $2,300 a month. 

The new buildings for asylum seekers will allow residents to live rent-free for up to two years while they obtain work permits. 

Then, if they obtain a job that pays half of the average local salary of $60,000, they will only have to pay a third of the rental price. It boils down to a monthly cost of around $500 for a one bedroom, and $690 for a two bedroom. 

The state has also set around $2 million aside to cover rent at the properties for two years, although tenants will be expected to cover 30 percent of their rent once they begin earning half the median salary in the area.

While some in the area have embraced the project - raising thousands via a GoFundMe to pay for newcomers' furniture - others say it's unfair.  

The plans have outraged some residents, who voiced their opposition at a heated council meeting on February 20.

'You have all these houses being built. That's discrimination, in my eyes,' local George Bernier said. 'Am I too white? Is that what it is? Do I work too much? What's the discrimination factor?'