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Denver Illegals Make Demands, Include 'Culturally Appropriate' Food, Lawyers...

•, by Tyler Durden

Illegal immigrants at a Denver, Colorado encampment that is set to be removed are refusing to leave until the city meets a list of 13 demands, which include access to "fresh, culturally appropriate ingredients" for food, unlimited showers, "the same housing support that has been offered to others," legal services, and fair warning before kicking them out.

The group, which had been staying at an encampment under busy Central Park Boulevard in northeast Denver, before relocating under a bridge near the Denver Airport, sent their demands to Mayor Mike Johnson (D) on Wednesday, according to the nonprofit Housekeys Action Network Denver, which posted them to Facebook and said the demands were "incredibly reasonable and doable" and would ensure "long-term stability and opportunities for all."

The nonprofit also criticized the city for "poor conditions and lack of accountability that resulted in many of these same individuals finding themselves on the streets after having gone thru [sic] the system."

The full list of demands is as follows;

Migrants will cook their own food with fresh, culturally appropriate ingredients provided by the City instead of premade meals - rice, chicken, flour, oil, butter, tomatoes, onions, etc... Also people will not be punished for bringing in & eating outside food.

Shower access will be available without time limits & can be accessed whenever - we are not in the military, we're civilians.

Medical professional visits will happen regularly & referrals/connections for specialty care will be made as needed.

All will receive the same housing support that has been offered to others. They cannot kick people out in 30 days without something stable established.

There needs to be a clear, just process before exiting someone for any reason - including verbal, written, & final warnings.

All shelter residents will receive connection to employment support, including work permit applications for those who qualify.

Consultations for each person/family with a free immigration lawyer must be arranged to discuss/progress their cases, & then the City will provide on-going legal support in the form of immigration document clinics, & including transportation to relevant court dates.