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When Technocrats Intentionally Sabotage A Nation's Energy Supply

•, By: Edward Malnick

The head of the Government's climate watchdog told officials to "kill" a negative news story with "technical language", The Telegraph can disclose.Chris Stark, chief executive of the Climate Change Committee (CCC), drafted the response when asked for clarity over claims of a "mistake" made by the body.

"How's this – kill it with some technical language," he told his team.

The exchange was revealed in a Freedom of Information request submitted by The Telegraph after apparent obfuscation by the climate watchdog over a story published by The Telegraph in January.

It raises questions about the transparency of the committee, which has been pushing the Government to impose more radical net zero targets.

Mr Stark, a senior public servant whose pay package amounts to more than £170,000 per year, is bound by the Nolan Principles of Public Life, which require "openness" and "accountability".

David Jones, a Tory member of the Commons public administration committee and former Cabinet minister, said: "Chris Stark steps down as chief executive of the CCC next month. Before he goes, he has some serious questions to answer.

"On the face of it, urging colleagues to 'kill' a reasonable request for information with technical language looks very much like an attempt at obfuscation.

"Mr Stark will undoubtedly understand the crucial importance of academic integrity when addressing such an important issue as climate change. A full and immediate explanation is called for."

On-the-record denials removed

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the former business and energy secretary, said: "This seems outrageous – a public servant seeking directly to obfuscate. At least Sir Humphrey did it subtly."

Mr Stark's comments were made in private emails exchanged within the CCC after The Telegraph contacted the body for a response to a planned article in January.