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Newly declassified footage reveals Britain's deadly DragonFire LASER weapon...


A deadly laser weapon which can blow up drones and hypersonic nuclear missiles at the speed of light has been revealed to the public in newly declassified footage. 

The video shows Britain achieving its first high-power firing of the Dragonfire laser weapon, as it successfully destroyed a drone in the sky using the system's death ray.

In these secret trials at the Military of Defence's Hebrides Range, the weapon proved so accurate it could hit a £1 coin half a mile away, with each 'shot' said to cost around £10.

Its full range remains classified, but the invisible 50kW beam can cut through targets using it 'pin-point accuracy' and does not require any ammunition. 

The weapons platform, which military chiefs say will revolutionise the battlefield of the future, could one day be used to annihilate fighter jets, warships and hypersonic missiles. 

The MOD said: 'DragonFire is an advanced military laser, being developed by Dstl and GB industry.

'The laser-directed energy weapon engages targets at the speed of light, using an intense beam of energy to cut through objects, leading to structural failure.'

Dstl, the MOD's science arm, added: 'A newly declassified video shows the power of our DragonFire laser in action. This technology is the result of joint working with world-class industry partners.' 

Built by scientists in the UK, the weapon system is a £100million collaboration between the Government's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and industry partners such as Leonardo and Qinetiq. 

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Sounds like bull shit bluster to me.

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