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Finding Hope in a Hopeless World - Oliver Anthony x Jordan Peterson

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It seems like in our modern world, the aim has been to divide one another in the interest of keeping those at the top of the social hierarchy, at the top. To capitalize on our differences. To make us all feel like weak, powerless individuals. But the reality is that millions of us are living the same lives, dealing with the same problems, feeling the exact same way about things. If we don't dramatically change the way we perceive this modern world, it will be our demise.


Striking the Chord of an Entire Country | Oliver Anthony | EP 382

Dr. Jordan B Peterson and breakout musician Chris Lunsford, better known by his stage name Oliver Anthony, discuss the balance between vision and efficiency in artistic and commercial endeavors, why Chris' hit song "Rich Men North of Richmond," has resonated so broadly and so quickly, the way honest expression through music can combat demoralization, how politics have become confused with the sacred, and what we can do to restore each to their proper order.

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