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More Teens Than You Think Understand the Positive and Negative Aspects of Smartphones–Survey

•, By Andy Corbley

The Center conducted an online survey of 1,453 U.S. teens aged 13 to 17 and parents from September 26th to October 23rd. The criteria for inclusion was that the teens had to still be in their parents' house.

72% of the teens surveyed said they often feel 'peaceful' without their smartphone, while only 44% said it gives them a kind of separation anxiety.

Further wisdom emerged when the teens were asked what they think a smartphone is best used for beyond phone calls, to which small minorities said it helped improve social skills or school performance. A two thirds majority of the teens instead said the smartphone made it easier for them to keep up with hobbies and interests.

When asked if they thought they spent too much, about right, or not enough, time on their smartphone, 44% of teen girls said they spent too much time, reflecting an emerging consensus among social scientists that over-connectivity and social media use is particularly disrupting to young women. By comparison, 33% of teen boys said they spent too much time on their phone.

While two-thirds majority of teens said they don't take actions to curb their phone use, 41% of teen girls and 32% of teen boys have taken direct steps to limit their phone use, rates which go higher when asked specifically about social media apps.

72% of teens replied that going about their day without their phone makes them feel peaceful, while 74% went as far as saying it made them feel "happy". By comparison, just 39% of teens said without their phone they're left feeling lonely.