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A Risky Read: The Real Reason for Ukraine, Gaza, Yemen, and Our Misery

•, By Phil Butler

At least, this is what Owen Matthews, the author of the book Stalin's Children, believes. Sadly, he is not alone in his ludicrous and addictive hate of all things Russia.

Spectator's View

Somebody, please stop me! Morning research has inextricably led me to another media analysis—this time on the weekly British newspaper The Spectator. The title of Matthews's story will help you understand how a geopolitical analyst can't seem to get off of Western news. "Putin may seem confident – but Russia's future is bleak," is problematic because it is entirely based on a dark fantasy. Matthews, after whining about Mr. Putin running things in Russia some more, launches into a spew about the Ukraine military operation. In his vent, the British son of Ukrainian S.S.R. parents belches a familiar Western strategy burp – the idea that Ukraine ever had any chance of winning a conflict against Russia.

Long Live the King

You see, almost all of these Putin haters and China worriers are convinced of their correctness by a system that rewards outcomes. Or the outcomes those who control the system desire. In America and other Western alliance countries, every level of society is "led" toward one desirable outcome – profit. It is not simply ordinary profit but an economic system that makes tribute to a French, Spanish, or English king look like alms for the poor. It's all very refined, you see. It's cloaked in ideas like "democracy" and injected into our veins like a serum called "freedom." Owen Matthews is not the only Brit who believes in his ideas.