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What's Wrong With America's 'Elites'?

• arclein

This week, Stanford University sophomore Theo Baker published "The War at Stanford" in The Atlantic, in which he describes how the Israel-Hamas war has affected his campus. One Arab American graduate student told Baker that he thinks President Joe Biden "should be killed" and that Hamas should rule America. Pro-Palestine protesters set up sit-in "camps" for months and shouted for the destruction of Israel, chanting, "We don't want no two-state; we want all of '48!" Guest speakers brought in to facilitate campus discussion of the complex issues have been shouted down. Stanford employees have been threatened ("We know where you live!"), the interim president's home has been vandalized, and his effigy was carried around campus covered in fake blood. The administration, Baker says, seems paralyzed, indecisive and defeated. This isn't an isolated incident at Stanford, and the Israel-Hamas war hasn't caused it. Last March?"months before the Oct. 7 attack on