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Trump Controls 60,000 Secret Military Agents

• arclein

Newsweek Magazine had been under continuous Jewish control since 1961 -- passing from the hands of the wicked witch Katherine Meyer-Graham (Washington Post) to ultra-Zionists Sydney & Jane Harmon in 2010 -- and then to Barry Diller in 2012. In 2013, the failing entity was finally let go by the Jewish Mafia and eventually acquired by Dev Pragad and Johnathan Davis of IBT Media, who have made the online / print entity profitable again. Some of "youse guys" may have noticed that its online pieces, though not exactly conservative, have been more objective and professional in recent years. Now you know why. Whilst researching the topic of military intelligence, the "Editorial Board" here at RN&H just stumbled across a singularly enlightening Newsweek article from May 17th, 2021 -- just over 4 months after Commander Trump secretly invoked the Insurrection Act and placed the country under temporary military occupation.