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Ukraine Passes Divisive Conscription Law Which Aims To Bolster Forces by 500,000

•, by Tyler Durden

It passed with a clear majority supporting, with 283 votes in favor in the 450-member parliament. The NY Times writes in the wake of the much-anticipated vote, "The law passed by legislators on Thursday addresses the issue of mobilization broadly, and includes provisions that lawmakers said were aimed at making the conscription process more transparent and equitable. The full text of the law was not immediately available."

But among the most immediately controversial elements will include expanded powers given to Ukrainian authorities to issue draft notices on a larger scale, including using an electronic system. It also reportedly expands the age for draft registration, including for those living abroad.

Recruiters have long sought to stamp out draft evasion, to the point of tackling and arresting young men in the streets, after which they are sent to brief training and then the front lines.

But the most controversial aspect is that a key provision got quashed which assured rotation of servicemen. In many cases the same ground units have been stuck at front line positions since the start of the war. Troops had been promised that reinforcements would soon be rotated from rear positions, but this assurance is no longer the case:

The vote came after parliament's defense committee removed a key provision from the draft Tuesday that would ensure the rotation of servicemen after 36 months of combat, a move that surprised some lawmakers as it had been a promise of the Ukrainian leadership.

Lawmaker Oleksii Honcharenko said in a Telegram post that he was shocked by the move to remove the provision. It was likely taken out because, considering the scale and intensity of the war against Russia, it would prove difficult to implement. Ukraine already suffers from a lack of trained recruits capable of fighting, and demobilizing soldiers on the front lines now would deprive Ukrainian forces of their most capable fighters.