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Tucker Carlson: How Does the Government of Israel Treat Christians?

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Last month, Republican Congressman Tim Walberg, a former Evangelical Pastor, said the US should not spend a dime on humanitarian aid for Gaza. He said he would like to see the area treated like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to get it over quickly. He added that the same should go for Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson said that Christianity is the religion among all world religions that uniquely abhors mass killing and there's no excuse for that from a Christian perspective. Reverend Munther Isaac, the pastor at the Evangelical Lutheran Christian Church in Bethlehem, said that most leaders have a shallow knowledge of Israel but hold strong opinions shaped by their political party rather than investigation of the facts. Their decisions impact millions of lives. He said that Evangelical Christians support Israel because of the theology of Christian Zionism that teaches Christians must support Israel as the presence of Jews prepares for the end times and the second coming of Christ. Christians support Israel as a fulfillment of prophecy not realizing the consequences on real lives.