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Why Has the Left Finally Noticed Pedophilia?

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(WND)—Scrolling through Twitter on Tuesday, I came across a sober video message from celebrity gadabout Paris Hilton. Dressed down in a modest track suit, Ms. Hilton sounded all the word like what the media might call a "QAnon fanatic."

"And I really hope this is a lesson to people out there that if you're abusing children, I will find out, I will find you. I will come with my huge spotlight and shine it on wherever you are."

"This has been happening for decades, and people are just getting away with it. Not anymore," said Hilton, who claims to have spoken to "thousands of survivors."

A celebrity while still a teen, Hilton was apparently a "survivor" herself. As revealed in the explosive new five-part 2024 Max series, "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV," Hollywood has long been a hotbed of child sex abuse.

The show focuses on Nickelodeon and its disgraced producer Dan Schneider. Not surprisingly, Schneider was a friend of the Obamas.