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Was Trump right about RFK? Jr. can't keep his story straight during latest interview [VIDEO]…


It's no surprise; after all, President Trump has been hitting RFK Jr. hard, saying that between the two, he'd pick Joe Biden over RFK Jr. every time. Ouch. Trump also rightly pointed out that RFK Jr. is a radical liberal, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Just take a look at his positions on gun control, abortion, climate change, reparations, and various other left-wing issues. RFK Jr. is all-in on the far-left progressive agenda.

RFK Jr.'s stance on free speech is also troubling, veering sharply to the far left.

President Trump has been calling out RFK Jr. on Truth Social, unleashing a flurry of scathing posts.

RFK Jr. used the Ben Shapiro podcast stage to try and retaliate against President Trump's relentless attacks, but he didn't land the punch he had hoped. After all, there's a very thick layer of irony in RFK Jr.'s claim about Trump not deserving the presidency because he got "rolled" by the Swamp, especially coming from someone who believes the Swamp actually assassinated his uncle.

Clearly, Kennedy is flustered and scrambling to keep up as he takes punches from President Trump. Now, he's trying to paint Trump as a scared and insecure man, using social media as a crutch. However, RFK Jr.'s portrayal of a "frightened man" on social media just doesn't hold water. President Trump has consistently been bold and assertive online; he's not scared; he's simply being true to himself.

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