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U.S. police have been training with the Israeli military (IDF) for brutal crackdown...

•, by: Ethan Huff

If you thought the United States was a sovereign nation in charge of its own affairs, think again. In many ways, America is just the military arm of Israel where free speech is increasingly under assault by law enforcement, which for years has been training with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to oppress We the People whenever we make our voices heard on things like Israel's genocide in Gaza and war in general.

Chris "Adequate Citations" Martenson, PhD, (@chrismartenson) tweeted a screenshot – see below – showing how the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been working in cahoots with U.S. police forces to embed Israeli military-style oppression tactics within police departments.

In illustration of the U.S. police transformation from public servant to fascist oppressor, check out this creative video depicting the changing image of the Lego police officer over time.

Israel behind police abuse of minorities

The first article featured in the above screenshot from Jewish Voice for Peace is a real eye-opener, explaining how Israel has been militarizing U.S. police for many years.

Only after the George Floyd incident did the Israel-U.S. police partnership hit the "pause" button after it was revealed via leaked documents and whistleblower testimony that Israel is, in fact, responsible for the militarization of U.S. police and all the oppression that comes with it.

As explained by Jewish Voice for Peace, senior ADL staff sent a draft memo entitled "Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel" to CEO Jonathan Greenblatt at the height of the Floyd saga in June 2020 fully explaining how Israel's impact on U.S. police has created a hostile relationship between police officers and citizens across the country.