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Madkind-v-Mankind -- A Race Against Time

•, By Julian Rose

The clock has been set by Madkind, with the disturbingly passive acceptance of much of Mankind.

Madkind is obsessed by mechanical time. It sets the clock and demands its agenda be implemented according to the time frame it decrees.

'The Great Reset' is the appropriately named most recent clock setting event initiated by Madkind.

It has placed some key dates in its agenda for the transference of organic life into a digitally controlled robotic look-alike, with the purpose of rendering Mankind obsolete.

It finds 2025/26, 2030 and 2045/50 useful markers by which to achieve particular phases of this ambition.

We know Madkind's game plan because it is explicitly laid out in UN Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum's Fourth Industrial Revolution/Green New Deal.

On the financial side, for a start, a central bank digital currency with a social credit compliance program to control individual's access to their bank accounts, is clocked in for circa 2026.

Global economic stagnation and swathes of human starvation are timed to follow.

By 2030, Madkind's agenda states that the process of digitalisation and artificial intelligence (IT) will have usurped much of Mankind's emotional and rational thinking capacity; with natural powers of reproduction also sterilised into submission by ever increasing atmospheric geoengineering, water and food denaturing, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and weaponised vaccination programmes.

By the same date around fifty percent of food is planned to be created in factory laboratories. Synthetic, genetically modified and with no connection with soil.

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