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Dr. Alphonso Monzo warns about implications of 5G and self-replicating nanocircuitry...

•, Health Ranger Report

- The effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. (0:01)

- The impact of screen time on children's neurological development, including the effects of blue light and artificial environments on brain chemistry and function (7:22)

- 5G technology and its potential health effects, including oxidative stress, neurological issues, and mineral depletion. (16:21)

- Toxic heavy metals in food and supplements. (25:08)

- Using touch therapy based on Hebrew alphabet for healing. (29:34)

- Using ancient Hebrew letter meanings for healing through touch and sound. (32:56)

- The interconnectedness of the physical and energetic bodies, with a focus on the role of acupuncture and nutrition in he (36:49)

- Natural healing methods and alternative medicine. (44:08)

- Hands-on healing techniques with a medical doctor. (49:14)