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John Williams: The Plan to Seize 100 Million Homes Worldwide is a Massive Wealth Transfer

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Williams said that the US will be subject to the same formula that is playing out in the UK. Lloyd's Bank plans to buy 50,000 homes to become one of UK's largest landlords. Banks are competing with homebuyers, so there will be less money to lend to homebuyers. On top of this, home insurance premiums and property tax are increasing. Homes will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to meet energy efficiency standards.

If prices fell to the real value of homes in the US, taxes would crash. Both insurance and property tax are on the rise, forcing older Americans to take on debt, leaving them vulnerable to unexpected expenses. WIlliams said that within the next few years, there will be an affordability crisis and tens of millions of Americans will lose their properties. Williams recommends buying property without a mortgage, if possible. He also recommended building a business and strong cash reserves to self-insure property and pay out of pocket instead of carrying an insurance policy.