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List of Grocery Stores and Growers that Use Apeel Food Coating that Is Backed by Bill Gates

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To date, Apeel's coatings have only been commercially applied on apples, cucumbers, avocados, asparagus, limes, lemons, grapefruits, mandarins, mangoes, and oranges. The coating is odorless, tasteless, and clear, so there is no way to tell when it is used. The vast majority of grocery store produce is not treated with Apeel. To remove as much Apeel as possible, use vinegar or baking soda (not both) and a produce brush or cotton/hemp towel to scrub the produce.

Natural Grocers: Natural Grocers issued a public corporate statement saying they do not carry any produce or items that have been treated with Apeel's food coatings.

Sprouts Farmers Markets: Sprouts recently made a decision to not carry any produce that's treated with Apeel. They annnounced this internally to employees, but have not made a public statement or policy yet.

Costco: Costco partnered with Apeel as far back as 2018 but recently stopped carrying any produce treated with Apeel. Their corporate produce department said they have no plans to ever sell produce treated with Apeel again. The Limoneira lemons they carry are not treated with Apeel.

Publix: Publix will not purchase any produce that's been treated with Apeel's food coatings.

H-E-B: H-E-B does not use any items treated with Apeel in the products they manufacture. They are not actively seeking out or requesting items treated with Apeel. The responsibility ultimately falls on their suppliers to adhere to their requests, so there is not a 100% guarantee.

Central Market: The Texas based gourmet grocery store is owned by H-E-B and shares their exact policy on Apeel.