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Enormous Mobs Are Literally Taking Over The Streets Of Major U.S. Cities On A Nightly Basis

•, By Michael

In many cases, major intersections are completely blocked off for stunts and dangerous competitions involving vehicles.  These events are called "street takeovers", and they are often accompanied by theft, violence and other acts of crime.  You have probably heard of "street takeovers" happening in big metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Chicago, but at this point they are even happening in many rural areas.  In fact, I just came across an article about how street takeovers have become a major problem in the state of Maine.  As you will see below, the scale of these events is often so large that police will just sit back and do nothing to stop them.  When they are outnumbered a hundred to one or a thousand to one, the police are often extremely hesitant to try to break things up.

Some of the biggest "street takeovers" in the nation occur in northern California, and this past weekend was certainly no exception…

Acrid smoke is greeting San Franciscans on their way into work this morning after another terrifying night of sideshows took Oakland and the waterfront.

Police refused to intervene and not a single arrest was made among the thousands who risked their lives as cars tore round their city centers in what has become a routine occurrence.

The police know that these events are going to happen.

But they do nothing to prevent them.

And as they are taking place, the police just watch and make no arrests.

I suppose that is one way to get the crime rate to go down.

Of course lots of crimes are being committed at these events, and in many cases people are being seriously hurt