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Would Mr. Rogers Be Canceled Today? This Resurfaced Clip Suggests So

•, By Alec Johnson

Going viral is an unearthed clip of Mr. Rogers causing direct harm to gender-non-conforming children with a shocking tirade of heteronormative dog whistles.

And by "blatant transphobia," "misgendering,"and a "shocking tirade of hetronormative dog whistles," we mean "common sense."

In an era where seemingly no one is safe from cancel culture, how insane is it that even Mr. Rogers wouldn't be exempt if he were alive today? (Hopefully too many liberals don't see the above clip, or they'll give cancelation a try regardless!)

Rogers, who would be under scrutiny for his status as a Presbyterian minister by leftists today, can be seen and heard on camera using supposedly "outdated terms and concepts" (to crazy people) as he talks directly to children. Or as a leftist might put it; using a television sound stage designed to appeal to kids through toys and an indoor trolley train, Rogers masks his bigoted gender gatekeeping behind a mild-mannered tone.

For any liberals reading this, consider this your "content warning" (for anyone out of the loop, the original term "trigger warnings" has been deemed triggering to victims of gun violence – I wish I was making this up). Here an unfiltered transcription of the biological reali—errr-transphobia their children may face if exposed to Rogers and his "neighborhood."