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Let a Thousand Liberty Forums Bloom

• George Donnelly
What’s better than the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum conference? A thousand Liberty Forums! That’s the conclusion I reached after brainstorming about how to rescue the canceled 2011 Liberty Forum. My idea, in a nutshell, is to coordinate conference meetups across the country in as many locations as people want – in meeting halls, hotels or even living rooms – with the Agora I/O online unconference.

Agora I/O, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a new biannual un-conference where you’ll find the greatest people, ideas and tools for advancing the stateless society. You don’t want to miss it, and you don’t have to! Agora I/O is exclusively online, so you can participate from anywhere an internet signal reaches. Plus it’s free! And now there are ways for you to make money from your participation. Check out the Agora I/O blog for more information.