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CAIR Says WHAT? Misunderstood Poster DOES Have A Deeper Meaning!

I understand an organization being formed to protect a certain group. I really do. I have a problem when that group seems to go so far against that American part of the Council for AMERICAN Islamic Relations. This is a group that has stood for a mosque in a LOCATION that most Americans, by FAR, feel is insensitive especially due to the original name of the project – The Cordoba House. Whether anyone wants to debate the historical nature of that or call me a neoconfacistic person because I understand the

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Comment by drscoundrels
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I just saw that.

I am glad to hear that - I would love a peaceful resolution to this - not for them not to build the center, but to relocate the center to be more in tune with the pain of the people in NYC and around the world.

I don't care if they build a mosque, I really don't. Not a whit.

I just don't think it is appropriate where they are looking.

I loved the Saudi Prince's offer and thought it would be smart for all concerned to take the man up on his generous offer, you know? It would still have a mosque built and help the people of NYC not feel like someone was dancing on a grave like one of my friends told me is what it felt like - he lost two in the towers.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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More meal for the grist:

New imam named for NYC Islamic center
Comment by drscoundrels
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Why am I embarrassing myself pray tell? Easy to state, but without elucidation, difficult to defend.

Perhaps you'll give me the opportunity to do so?

I believe that this group is irresponsible and against what they claim to be for - to improve the relations between the two groups.

If I am to interpret what you are saying - you disagree. That's your right.

And I won't attack you for that - I hope you'll accord me the same respect for my opinion

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Dude, seriously, you are embarrassing yourself.

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