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'Explosive' Food Prices the Biggest Risk: Analyst

“These economies are clearly overheating and governments are putting measures in place to slow them down to fight inflationary pressure. More than anything else, food inflation is a problem," Gijsels told

"In countries were 70 percent to 80 percent and sometimes more of a family's budget goes to food, explosive price rises risk to destabilize these societies. Remember the old saying: 'hunger starves civilizations,’” he added.


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Comment by Brock
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Dear government actors:

Can you please not fuss with the food supply?

I know you feel that things not under your control are out of control, and really, it's all fun and games until you fuss with the food supply.

Famine is a thing of the past in areas where there are little or no government actors fussing with the food supply.  Where ever you find starvation, you will find a government actor fussing about close by.

No one will starve if you don't fuss with the food supply.  Not one person.  Not one person in the entire world.

Millions starve if and when you fuss with the food supply.

Please, don't fuss with the food supply.

Love and kisses,


Comment by Powell Gammill
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