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Myth of the Hero Gunslinger


PHOENIX — To many gun owners, the question of whether to arm even more people in a country that already has upwards of 300 million guns is as calcified as a Sonoran Desert petroglyph. It’s written in stone, among the fiercest of firearms advocates, that more guns equals fewer deaths.

But before the Tucson tragedy fades into tired talking points, it’s worth dissecting the crime scene once more to see how this idea fared in actual battle.

First, one bit of throat-clearing: I’m a third-generation Westerner, and grew up around guns, hunters of all possible fauna, and Second Amendment enthusiasts who wore camouflage nine months out of the year. Generally, I don’t have a problem with any of that.


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Comment by PureTrust
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If everybody in the area of the shooting were packing, there would have been no struggle to subdue the shooter. There would have been no person-on-person struggle. Immediately there would have been 5 or 10 guns on the guy, and he would not have survived.

Would he have done some harm? Of course he would have. Just like any unarmed person walking down the street can suddenly hit someone with his fist.

Guns are here. A bunch of other weapons have always been available. So, lets even the odds with the bad guys, and everybody pack.


Comment by Anonymous
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That boy writes a good line of b.s. - but none-the-less b.s. it still is.  

Comment by ERIK ASHER
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If gun control and limiting law abiding citizens right to carry a gun for defense is so great. Then why aren't places like NYC, Chicago, L.A., D.C. free from gun crime? Oh right, that is where people are not allowed to defend themselves. It has been proven that in states where carry is allowed, violent crime is much lower. The only reason gun violence seems like such a large problem is because the press hype up any story about gun violence, while the 20000 times a year in this country where a legally armed citizen prevented a violent act against them by being armed is not on the front page or on the local news. By the way, the percentage of gun crimes committed by legally armed citizens is less than 300 per year in the whole country. By your logic, we should ban driving cars due to the small percentage of idiots who drink and drive killing someone. If you don't want to carry a gun, that is your choice. But do not try to take that choice away from me.