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Nothing Quite So Stable As A Corpse.

• The PPJ Gazette
Yes. Those are dead children from the Waziristan region of Pakistan killed by United States drones like this: True, war has not been declared in Pakistan so they are collateral damage – The Geneva Convention doesn’t apply. The only rights for these children are burial rites. Very reminiscent of World War II’s German London Blitz – I’m sure they hoped to get a few “Enemy Combatants” or was it just to strike terror in the populace? The Blitz certainly made a mark in history according to War-Correspondent Ernie Pyle: There was something inspiring just in the awful savagery of it. or Later on I borrowed a tin hat and went out among the fires. That was exciting too; but the thing I shall always remember above all the other things in my life is the monstrous loveliness of that one single view of London on a holiday night – London stabbed with great fires, shaken by explosions, its dark regions along the Thames sparkling with the pin points of white-hot bombs, all of it roofed