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Foreclosure-Gate: So How Did Major Law Firms Lose Deal Documents?

MBS Guy has an opinion much more in keeping with mine: I am even more convinced that the failure of the banks’ attorneys to track down the actual legal documents was not “carelessness”. I find it too hard to believe that the attorneys were this incompetent on an appeal of a major issue to the state’s supreme court. They had plenty of time (over a year). Every deal I ever worked on had a full set of closing documents prepared in a binder. The issuer’s counsel law firm typically sent all of the documents to us via CD. We had stacks of them. I suspect the foreclosing attorneys requested the documents and the requests were rejected by clever attorneys for the issuers who saw the potential liability and didn’t want to create a clear paper trail back to them. If the low level foreclosing attorney looks incompetent in assembling his case, that’s one thing. If a big Wall Street law firm made a major mistake about the legal basis for selling loans without proper title in Massachusetts or any other state, well, that’s a whole different story.