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Protesters Pledge More Pressure on Mubarak

• NY Times
Leaders of the Egyptian democracy movement vowed Sunday to escalate their pressure for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, even as his government portrayed itself as already in the midst of American-approved negotiations to end the uprising, now in its 13th day.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Mubarak was one "single tyrant" we created with our $35 billion a year aid to Egypt to hold at bay Islamic hordes like Al Azhar religious revolutionary and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists from taking over the whole country. The tentacles of Al Azhar and this shady Brotherhood huge organizations are back in the streets after inciting massive demonstrations against Mubarak and hisWashington string-holders. Stocks of adequate modern weaponry we poured into the country has reached the required level of power for the next invasion attempt of Israel ... once Islam fundamentalists take over Egypt ...!!! The call for reform is the traditional excuse mouthed by the enemy of Western democracy and freedom, using the mob for a quick power-grab ... By the way, this is happening everywhere ... everytime, and in Egypt anytime since the 1976 Arab-Israel peace treaty was concluded. In that treaty we promised development aid to economically hard up Egypt when Egypt promised not to invade Israel again in the future. That's how Egypt flies the Eagle flag in the Middle East holding at bay the black hordes of radical Islamic incursions.  It needs a crow to crow about all of these historical syncs -- all other black birds crowing for the sake of crowing sound innocently discordant, to say it in a polite way.

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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It is absolutely mind staggering how one evil tyrant can hold millions and the world at bay.