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EU Franco-German Hustle Spells More Trouble


It was "all the news" yesterday, competing for shelf space against the ongoing Egyptian unrest: French and German leaders were attempting to muscle the EU toward greater integration. EU ministers were said to be taken aback, even resentful of the last minute policy mandates, which will demand broad fiscal and labor harmonization. By March, it is reported, they will have to make decisions.

Both Angela Merkel of Germany and Nikolas Sarkozy of France are confirmed globalists and they have jointly come up with these fiscal and labor strategies. My question is, how long exactly can this go on? How many times can the unholy duo Batman (Merkel) and Robin (Sarkozy) swing down into conferences rooms and demand immediate, sweeping changes.

Europe is simmering now – haven't they noticed? The Parthenon has its char marks. Portugal and Spain have been subject to considerable union unrest. Prince Charles and his consort were nearly pulled from their Bentley by students during a British austerity riot. Even France has experienced unrest.