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Protesters erupt in anger after Mubarak signals he will not resign

• CNN (video)

– Mubarak said he has delegated powers to the vice president "in accordance with the constitution," but did not specify the scope of that power.

– Mubarak said that he will "keep his promise" to leave office after new
elections are held this fall.

– Mubarak announced that he "will not accept or listen to any foreign interventions or dictations."

--  he has been pained and embarrassed by violence committed against anti-government demonstrators.

Vice President Omar "CIA/Mossad payroll guy" Suleiman commended the "youth revolution" while urging young people to "go back to your houses, go back to your work, the homeland needs your work." He also told them to ignore the "satellite images" that "mar Egypt" by fomenting revolt.