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MIT links 'Sixth Sense" software to human gestures

• Terrence Aym
Microsoft and Apple have nothing on MIT's amazing sixth sense gizmo…except perhaps a lot of catching up to do.The short age of multitouch devices may already be over once MIT's new slam bang tech comes to the market. Techno geeks that caught a glimpse of the device during a demonstration are already salivating like a pack of Siberian wolves that stumbled upon an abandoned meat-packing plant.MIT acknowledges there will be demand for the technology when it does become available.Demand? How about waves of demand? Think tsunami. What the device does is allow a user to access information anywhere a flat surface is available-a wall, a table, even the palm of an open hand. The device projects a hi-res, brilliant image with an interactive light-touch-screen display and eliminates the inconvenience of a hand-held device.