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Egypt moving forward: Where does the country go from here?

• The Political Commentator
We know where Egypt has been and we know, to some extent where Egypt is now. The question is where Egypt is heading in the future. There was a civilian uprising and then a changing of the guard so to speak. There was a termination of the Mubarak plan of succession from a father to a son. There was revolution and change invoked through the power of the internet. Now that all of this has taken place the Egyptian military, the force and voice behind the Mubarak reign all along, has assumed control. In effect nothing has really changed. Yet! For the most part the change in Egypt occurred in a fashion different from what one would associate with the overthrow of a government. It was primarily contained within a square in Cairo (although there were pockets of violence, some deaths and demonstrations elsewhere in the country), not typically the hallmark of revolutionary change...