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Reverse Raid on the Crimex - Silver Targets $37 OZ

• Greg Maurer,
What we may be witnessing in the Silver market is a "reverse" raid on the CRIMEX. What appears to be a massive short squeeze on our criminal bankers may in fact be a coordinated effort by a disgruntled group of EX-JP Morgan traders, and their hedge fund friends, to hold JP Morgan's feet to the fire, and extract a heavy price for these traders dismissal from the hive of criminal banking. The Friends Of Andrew Maguire [FOAM] look to align themselves as a group to punish the CRIMEX and force them to either deliver a massive quantity of Silver to them in March, or pay a heavy premium to them to keep the rigged CRIMEX game going. FOAM have a target price of $37 Silver set for First Notice Day February 28. FOAM began their assault on the CRIMEX when price broke through $31 last Thursday. Their intent is to run price up to, and possibly through, $37 by First notice Day. If they can achieve a price of $37 or higher they will settle their long futures contracts with the Crimex at 20% prem

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