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Evidence Points To BATF Allowing Guns To Fall In The Hands Of Mexican Gangs

What's worse is this: Then, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered. The serial numbers on the two assault rifles found at the scene matched two rifles ATF watched Jaime Avila buy in Phoenix nearly a year before. Officials won't answer whether the bullet that killed Terry came from one of those rifles. But the nightmare had come true: "walked" guns turned up at a federal agent's murder. One of our border patrol agents was murdered and two of the weapons that our own government allowed to be illegally purchased and transported across the border to Mexico were found at the scene. Did the bullets come out of those guns? BATFE refuses to say. Does it matter? I've been sitting on this story for over a month because without a serial number match there's no hard evidence that the guns that were "walked" were involved in the murder. But now that CBS is willing to go "on the record" with a claim that the weapons were in fact a match the evidence is now clear and convincing. The people in BATFE that allowed those sales to go through would appear to be personally guilty of felony murder, just as if I, knowing you intend to an unlawful thing, drive you to the bank - and you stick it up and a shoot a teller. I go to prison for murder as well as you, because I knew or had reason to know you were going to do an illegal thing. In this case the sale and transport of the weapons was unlawful in the first instance; that should meet the legal requirement for an accessory to murder charge. More importantly, in my view BATFE no longer serves a legitimate purpose in our government. It turned into a mechanism to provide murderous drug gangs in Mexico with over two thousand firearms that they allowed to be knowingly purchased and transported in an unlawful manner in the United States.

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Comment by Ruth Slater
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 Yesterday we reported that the ATF (Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) has been caught
red-handed actively aiding criminals in the illegal
export of firearms (including 50 caliber rifles!)
from the US to Mexican drug gangs.

At least one of these ATF-faciliated weapons turns
out to have been used to murder a US border patrol

Gun store owners warned the ATF about what was going

They were ignored.

ATF agents on the ground warned their superiors.

They were told to "shut up" and follow orders
and that the orders came from the top, straight
from Bushbama's Department of Justice.

So what exactly did these government criminals have
in mind when they enabled the flow of US weapons to

Well, if you've been listening to Osama Bushbama and his
fellow anti-2nd ammendment nuts over the last few years,
the've been singing the song that: "90% of the guns
that criminals in Mexico have come from the US."

There's just one problem with that story: It happens to
be a straight up lie.

But it looks like Bushbama & Company have beeen doing their
best behind the scenes to make it so by ordering ATF agents
in the field (via the Department of Justice) to stand down
and let illegal weapons exports flow unimpeded to

Here's the all-important back story that no one is
connecting to this scandal. (From our friends at 2nd
Amendment TV)

Connecting the dots...