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The Real Deficit We Need to Address Now!

I suggest that rather than focusing on financial deficits (which are largely irrelevant in the context of our true financial situation), we should be freaking out about the REAL deficits impacting the US today. Those deficits are the MENTAL deficits of our leaders. This is not meant to be a cheap shot, nor am I trying to be funny. The political leaders in the US are the ones who created this whole mess, largely because they don’t have any real ideas themselves so they simply take orders from whichever corporate donor writes the biggest checks (usually the banks). Seriously, has ANYONE proposed a solution to any REAL problem that might actually work? Just look at how we handled the Financial Crisis. Tons of bankers broke the law, committed fraud, and got rich in the process. Our leaders’ solutions to this? A “do no go to jail” card for all of Wall Street, TRILLIONS in taxpayer funds (which they can’t even account for), and carte blanche to continue committing the same fraud that created the Financial Crisis in the first place. What about the crappy jobs market? Our leaders’ solutions to this issue: pretend people who are unemployed for a long time don’t exist, provide tax incentives that are meaningless, and pass out food stamps.

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