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Why the Left Won’t Stop the Wars

• Anthony Gregory

Here’s a puzzle for you. Why hasn’t the warmongering even slowed down with the left in power? Granted, according to Gallup a bare majority of Democrats support Obama’s bombing of Libya. Most Republicans and Americans favor it too. It is based on propaganda somewhat different from the Bush-era appeals to fear of mushroom clouds. So perhaps we can understand why Democrats have not yet pressured their president to stop the bombing.

But what about Afghanistan? Only 19% of Democrats think the Afghanistan war is worthwhile, according to a Washington Post poll from March. Two-thirds of Americans think it’s time to get out. Eighty-seven percent of Democrats want withdrawal by this summer. A year ago, Obama hinted this was an achievable goal. When he announced a surge in December 2009, he said the troops will start coming home in mid-2011.

Although most Americans, especially on the left, oppose this war, Congress has rejected resolutions demanding an end to it. And now the administration and military are talking about getting out in 2014, predicting a violent summer in Afghanistan – presumably one that the U.S. can’t afford to miss.

Many thought the ascent of the Democrats would end the bloodshed, if not immediately, soon enough. Two years have passed and there is more money being spent, more countries being bombed, and about as many Americans fighting and dying as when Obama took office.

Why much of the left backs the Libya war is an interesting question. Another mystery is why the president they elected to stop Bush’s wars not done so. There are several factors suggesting there will be continuing bloodshed so long as the left is in charge.


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