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Egypt: Over 30 years of "peace" with Israel gone overnight!

• The Political Commentator, Michael Haltman
Must-read article at The Rubin Report of what is actually occurring in Egypt despite what the Obama administration and the mainstream media would have you believe is happening! Below is a short excerpt from a must-read article at The Rubin Report which takes a look at the REALITY of what is occurring inside of Egypt as we speak. Democracy, secular government and a Muslim Brotherhood on the sidelines as a result of Mubarak stepping down was a fantasy and a pipe-dream from the start. One has to think that either President Obama knew what was bound to happen and wanted an Islamic takeover of Egypt's government, or he should have known and once again proved inept along with the rest of his national security team! In any event the deposing of a friend and ally for more than thirty years in Mubarak will most likely come back to bite not only the United States in the ass, but Israel, the Middle East and the world.

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