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Doug Casey on Obama Killing Osama

L: Doug, we’re going to lose a lot of subscribers talking about the news everyone is all gaga about, but I don’t see how we can shirk our responsibility to do so… So, Obama’s ratings drop to their nadir, and lo and behold, he personally orders the execution of America’s Public Enemy #1. This is a man no one has seen for ten years, but whose alleged audio messages have long had many people doubting that he’s even still alive. And now the body has conveniently been buried at sea before anyone who is not directly under the president in the chain of command can see it. Does it make me a loony conspiracy theorist to find myself feeling that this is all too convenient for the Powers That Be?
Doug: Look, a thinking person has to question authority – at all times, on all issues. It’s a matter of principle, as well as prudence. I’ve said it before, and will say it again: 90% of everything in the media is bull. If it’s not a fabrication, it’s opinion disguised as fact. Or facts that are modified or twisted. Or there’s significant data left out. Often that’s not because of some conspiracy, but rather the pure incompetence of reporters and editors today. There aren’t any H.L. Menckens on the scene that I can think of. I read and listen to the news mainly for entertainment purposes, and to learn what other people seem to believe.
Do I think this is all a con job? Well, you’d think that after spending trillions of dollars, and killing hundreds of thousands of people, that finally, after ten years, they could catch up with Osama, who is supposed to be the mastermind of evil itself. Frankly, at this point, he couldn’t have been more than just a tired, sick old man. He would probably have died naturally in a few years anyway, if he hadn’t already died years ago.
But you’d think they could get their story straight. First he’s hiding behind a woman, using her as a shield as he returned fire. Then he’s unarmed. I’ve read he was killed with two shots to the head. It sounds like a mob hit.

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